Age Group


Sports classes are leveled so that all children within one class are the same age. The ‘walking to 24months′ and ’2 years old’ classes require parent/guardian involvement. Be prepared to support the coach and to assist and encourage your child in all the games also to help your child grow confidence and help with making new friends and build a new sense of teamwork.

Walking to 24 months

Remember, as soon as your child reaches 18 months, he/she should be more than ready for one of our Tinytots sports classes (walking – 24months). Classes consist of an enthusiastic coach inviting you and your child to join forces for 1 hour of full-on music, instructions, movements and lots of fun.

2 years old

In all of our 2 years old classes, parent/guardian involvement is required. The children begin the basics of soccer in a fun and structured environment. The class encourages social interaction, they will learn to share, take turns, with games involving colors, numbers, shapes, left and right, and body parts.

3 years old

This is the point where most kids now choose to go it alone. However, this welcome demonstration of independence doesn’t mean they won’t want support from the sidelines. In essence, Tinytots provides a fun and safe learning environment where your child will be encouraged to move from parent-supported participation, to active, independent interaction.

4 years old

Once they turned 4, Tinytots philosophy is divided into 3 core areas to enable them to:


The greatest tool for development and learning is self-initiated play, which leads to exciting and vigorous participation. This in turn leads to rapid improvement.


Activities with lots of turns changing directions and touches will facilitate greater growth at an individual rate within a group environment.  Simply put, the more you do it, the better you get!


Within these classes our coaches focus not only on teaching children how to perform a skill, but also to start building an understanding of why the skill is needed.

Tinytots sports classes combine a series of activities that use imaginative play, familiar games, visual skills and creative participation to engage children and ensure maximum enjoyment from participating in sports.

Tinytots: Parent-friendly, Child-specific

In respect to what part sport plays in your child’s future, we honestly believe the capacity to participate in controlled play, to think outside the penalty box, to concentrate on instructions and visually assess a game will all contribute to skills which are necessary in many aspects of our children’s lives. 

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