Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Where is Tinytots located?

We run classes in Stanley Ho Sports Centre (HKU), kindergartens, clubs, public facilities, club houses and primary schools. If you are interested in finding out about our classes locations or bringing Tinytots to your venue please contact us here. We are in 12 different venues around Hong Kong.


How long are Tinytots classes and what ages are allowed to participate?

The classes are one hour long with the first 10 minutes free play.
The program is designed to start at 18 months (walking to 4 years old) with children divided according to their age group.


How are Tinytots sport classes divided?

The program is divided into the following sports classes:

Tinytots Soccer

Tinytots Basketball

Tinytots Mini-sports (This is the only class which has a mix of sports)


When are the Tinytots classes?

Classes are held once per week, in the morning or afternoon. For each class, a specific day of the week and time is chosen (this day and time will remain consistent through out the whole term)


If the 12-16 week sessions has already started, do I have to wait until the next term to enroll my children?

No, as long as the class is not full you can enroll at any time and the cost is pro-rated if you enroll in the middle of a session.


How are Tinytots classes organized and what are the coach/player ratios?

The classes are organized by age to make sure the activities are age-appropriate. The ratios vary depending on the age of the kids involved in the class. For a class with 1 coach, if the kids are 1, 2 or 3 years old, we generally have 12 kids. For 4 year olds, we generally have 12 kids.


Don’t the kids all want the ball?

Absolutely, and that is why we don’t play sports matches for the under 4s. Every child in our program will have their own equipment in all small sided games during each class. This, in turn, increases their opportunities to have fun, learn and improve their skills.


At pre-school ages, don’t the kids get upset when their team loses?

Our program is non-competitive, so all games that we play do not have a winning or losing team. The emphasis is on fun and skill-development so that they enjoy the sport and want to continue playing outside of our program once they are over 5 years of age.



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